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Dyslexia is a disorder in learning to read despite the presence of normal intelligence, good vision and hearing, systematic training, adequate motivation and other appropriate educational psychological and social conditions. Dyslexia is a significant discrepancy between the actual (current) and the expected level of reading considering mental age.



To be a child or a person diagnosed as dyslexic, his intelligence must be 90 or over 90, the ability to read must be below the expected level for his age and level of intelligence (at least eighteen months below the actual age level) while living and working conditions in the house and the school must meet certain minimum requirements.Dyslexia is, however, much more than the ability to read. It also includes disturbances of sensory information processing: disturbances of perception modalities which include high-speed processing of information. Although the auditory deficits are often present in dyslexic people, these people also have deficits perceptual processing rapidly presented visual and tactile stimuli.

Playing action video games can help dyslexic children to read easier and more efficient than traditional training methods in the treatment of this disorder, new research shows.

Research has shown that children after 12 hours of play action video games were able to read an additional 0:39 syllables per second than was previously the case. In order to understand what kind of progress of work, the researchers stressed that their natural way of such progress normally needed about a year. Video games are designed to accelerate progress in the treatment of Traditional methods of

learning and are equally effective as integration courses which are also used in the training of dyslexic children. Playing games that require children to monitor and react to the fast pace of events and moving objects forces them to draw meaning from the screen of written words, explain experts.Children are able to orient themselves and focus their attention and more efficient and faster draw conclusions than is the case with the written word.

Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

The study reported that the testing involved twenty dyslexic children whose reading ability was checked before and after playing games in the 9 times of 80 minutes. Half the children played mini action game, while the other half played the game with the same name but without the action moments. She half who played the action game has improved their ability to read for 0:39 syllables per minute, while the other half recorded a progress of only 0:08 more syllables. It is common for dyslexic children to one year for a natural way to improve reading speed by 0.30 syllables, with the current type of training.


The results showed that video-based programs can be very effectively used in teaching dyslexic children, or even to prevent the occurrence of dyslexia in children at risk even before they start to learn to read, scientists believe.Studies have shown that these disorders occur more frequently in boys than in girls, and that the number of children with these problems is increasing.

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